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Made to Measure acquired by Datamax (PTY) LTD

Jenny Foster, who started Made to Measure 35+ years ago, announced her retirement in November 2018. In choosing how to go about that, Jenny chose to sell Made to Measure to Datamax (PTY) LTD because she wanted to ensure that her valued clients could continue to use their software, and to receive the best possible service. Datamax was the obvious choice because we had been the eClaims switch of choice for Made to Measure users for at least 20 years.

As the new owners, Datamax would like to reassure users of Made to Measure products that you can continue using your software ("Professional" and "Synergy") and we will also continue to provide technical support.  In short, not much has changed. For support, please call 021 816 1930 or email us on You can also access the Made to Measure knowledgebase by clicking here .

And if you have been considering upgrading your existing software, please consider Datamax's flagship product Panacea. Panacea is industry leading practice management software, and is tightly integrated with the Datamax eClaims switch. It is the clear choice for Made to Measure users wishing to upgrade to the latest software with all the latest features.

Panacea has full data conversion functionality for both "Professional" and "Synergy", so the change to Panacea is quick and easy.

In the last few years most Made to Measure users have chosen to upgrade to Panacea.  Obviously it takes time to get accustomed to new software but, in the end, almost all users who upgraded indicated that they were very happy they did.  In fact, many questioned why they had not done it sooner.

It should also be noted that upgrading to Panacea will, in most cases, reduce your monthly expenses because Panacea users pay a lower switching fee.

Here are a few more reasons to upgrade now:

  • Panacea's tariff updates are fully automated and 100% accurate - to the cent. This means no hassle in January and you can charge exactly the right amounts.
  • Support is included. We do not charge Panacea users for support.
  • Automated medical aid membership verification (free)
  • Electronic Remittance Advices (free)
  • Remote access without a VPN
  • You can host your database in the Panacea cloud.

For full details on Panacea please click here .